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Anew is a member driven, food upcycling organization. We connect food and drink experts like local artisans, producers, growers, and manufacturers to create new, marketable products from rescued food donations. We're designing anew kind of food system for anew kind of world.

Upcycling is an environmentally conscious process of taking food that would otherwise be thrown out and using it to create something wonderful. This way, good food doesn’t end up in the landfill - instead, it ends up in the hands of local artisans who give back to their communities.

Key Benefits

Cost Benefit — Rescued ingredients eliminate unnecessary food production costs and reduce your bottom line when creating new products. 

Environmental Benefit — Collaborations help eliminate wasted energy, water, and pollutants that occur during the growing, processing and manufacturing, and transportation stages of the food life cycle.

Industry Awareness — The Anew experts help promote food waste awareness and creativity in our community, through education and the implementation of innovative, sustainable solutions to everyday food waste problems.

Consumer Engagement — Modern consumers connect with businesses who share their values in mutual care for sustainability. Upcycling connects communities and businesses while helping build brand loyalty and drive revenue.

Industry Growth — A growing majority of consumers feel their individual choices can change the world – 88% of us want brands to help us make more ethical choices.

Do customers care about upcycled products?

96% of consumers feel that their individual choices can make a difference in the world.

At Anew, we recognize that ethical responsibility shouldn’t be left to the consumer alone. We help create products that contribute to the environment and our communities in a positive way by reducing environmental impact and connecting people. Brands like Anew are instrumental in the food waste revolution – we’re helping to build a more sustainable future.


Each year, 58% of food produced in Canada is lost or wasted –  and over 32% of this is avoidable. Unavoidable loss/waste includes items such as banana peels, corn husks, bones, eggshells and coffee grounds, but far more edible food still goes to waste. In Canada alone, 11.2 million tonnes of avoidable (edible) food is thrown out annually.

Creating products with upcycled ingredients actively reduces avoidable (edible) food waste and puts food into the hands of local customers in support of the benefits of upcycling.

Anew Members

Members are the heartbeat of Anew. We work with experts and artisans in all areas of food — growing, production, manufacturing, sales, etc. This unique, cross-collaboration model not only connects typically siloed industries, but also creates lasting relationships.

Each member’s unique offering diversifies the upcycling potential and extends the geographical reach of our collective efforts. These benefits amplify our social impact and match industry change-makers. From large scale manufacturing facilities to small batch makers — it’s forward thinking members that make this all possible.

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Meet Our Members

Meet some of the local food and drink artisans and hear stories of how upcycled ingredients worked for them.

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We match rescued ingredients with local food and beverage producers—people just like you.

Consumer Demand

Upcycling is a fast growing space. Just under half of all consumers (39%) currently buy food and beverages that utilize upcycled products. This number is set to increase as environmental conscientiousness continues to trend upwards. Collaborating with Anew will support your business in reaching this growing portion of our population.

Consumers believe in change. 96% of people believe that we can make a difference every day by donating, recycling, and buying ethical products. Working with Anew will ensure that your business joins this community in making a difference at an even bigger scale.

Charitable Affiliations

A portion of all the Anew member products are donated back to the Leftovers.

Leftovers is a charitable organization that operates in Canada to prevent food loss and waste by diverting unsold food from the landfill and into the hands of those who need it most.

a new kind of world
Global Impact

The estimated cost of food loss and waste is almost $940 billion USD per year. Upcycling is one way we can reduce food waste so that this money can be put towards programs that feed people and reduce food insecurity – let’s change this together.

Globally, approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food is lost or wasted each year. By partnering with Anew, your business can join the community of ethical brands striving to build a more sustainable future through action and awareness.

Our Purpose: We create food products and solutions that are better than new.
Our Vision: Make the movement to eliminate food waste irresistible

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Charitable Affiliations

Leftovers prevents food loss and waste by diverting unsold, fresh food from the landfill and into the hands of those needing it most, or creatively repurposing it with community partners.

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