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Sheryl Yu Of Hello Mochi Made Caramel Pretzel Donuts With Rescued Pretzels

Sheryl Yu of Hello Mochi made caramel pretzel donuts with rescued pretzels

Sheryl Yu is the baker and owner of Hello Mochi, a market-based bakery at the Bountiful Farmers’ Market in South Edmonton, that specializes in vegan and gluten-free mochi donuts, ice cream and macarons. Hello Mochi’s business plan aligned perfectly with Leftovers’ vision. Sheryl strongly believes in food security and tries to not make more product than she needs – despite how some vendors have insisted that she is losing money by not overproducing. “Vendors come up to me and say you’re leaving money on the table…you should just make more than you can sell and throw the rest out” Sheryl said, “but that’s my heart, it’s what I make, and it doesn’t make sense to me.” Hello Mochi will be using pretzels, donated through Anew, to bake chocolate, mochi donuts with caramelized pretzels on top for the Bountiful Market during the weekend of July 17th to the 19th.


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